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Brand Rules

Imagining LAIKA: a journey that started with MJ Cachón

Every adventure has a starting point, a seed which if given nutrients and permitted to grow, transforms and acquires other forms and modes of being. For LAIKA, this seed was MJ Cachón, and a project where “everything started with a blog, an idea and a dog”.

The blog

Communicate, learn, share, improve … This is the origin of that first blog in which MJ started to talk about SEO, sharing knowledge and setting up one of the pillars of LAIKA: we prioritise learning in order to communicate, to share ideas, and to spread knowledge – helping others understand what we do.

The idea

Doing things our way and being ourselves: unique, unrepeatable, free, daring, fun, professional. The goal is to be the best at what we do, and to strive to learn and improve every day, so that our work speaks for us.

And the dog?

Feminising the brand is also feminising our story. If MJ toyed with the idea of a dog as the brand image, LAIKA is its evolution, the final realisation of a dream that finally conveys in a feminine way, the values of a brand that is bold, cutting-edge and, above all, has flair.

LaikaTeam Brand Rules
LaikaTeam Brand Rules
LaikaTeam Brand Rules

LAIKA, a new name for the twenty-first century

LAIKA was a soviet space dog, and the first to orbit the Earth alive on board the spaceship Sputnik 2, on 3 November 1957.

An icon of space exploration and for pop culture in the second half of the twentieth century, LAIKA is a popular word with great metaphorical meaning and capacity for recognition. The metaphor of space exploration is the perfect symbol of entrepreneurial spirit and our capacity to overcome obstacles, our curiosity and longing for knowledge, and the search for new territories, routes, and paths.

A new image, a new logo

LaikaTeam Logo Full LaikaTeam Logos LaikaTeam Logos

Our visual universe

Dynamism, memory, the future, exploration, projection, travel … The concepts of our identity are embodied in a graphic universe with visual references to this timeless icon of the twentieth century.

The various references or artistic interpretations that LAIKA has undergone shape, in their own way, the creative or sentimental context that nourishes the visual universe of the LAIKA brand, transforming it with a new palette of colours.

LaikaTeam Colors LaikaTeam Colors