Case study Lladró

New web architecture and focus on internationalisation. Increase organic sessions by 41% and organic transactions by 80%.

Case study Lladró


Repair a poorly done migration.

Internationalise e-commerce.

Achieve position by generic terms and by brand.

Increase transactional traffic.

Gain visibility in the sector.


Internationalisation project with stagnant visibility and a poorly executed architectural and CMS migration completed in January 2018. As a result, the portal went from 3 versions of URLs to more than 14 storeviews with two languages each. These were among numerous other unwanted negative effects: loss of 40% of organic traffic, increased duplicate content, transverse technical errors, non-optimal Magento configuration, serious gaps in international SEO strategy, etc. The aim was to get the strategy back on track and to resolve all the issues that were affecting the standard operation and growth of the online shop.

Steps taken

Situation analysis and hierarchy of priorities and options.

It was decided to prioritise storeviews for SEO with organic searches and block the rest to help Google focus on the organic content of value.

Redesign the website (new architecture) and focus on internationalisation (English for Canada, Australia, USA and the UK; Spanish for Spain).

Planning for the launch of other local markets with an SEO aim:

  • Japanese – Japan
  • Italian – Italy
  • English - India
  • English – general (EU)


2019 vs 2018

25% increase in organic sessions

31% increase in organic transactions

2020 vs 2019

Aumento del 41% de sesiones orgánicas.

80% increase in organic transactions

After the implementation of the changes, there was a clear increase in the site’s visibility.