Case study Logiscenter

Optimisation of the navigation and tracking
in search engines.

Case study Logiscenter


Achieve position by improving and improving both generic search terms and brand search terms.

Increase transactional traffic.

Gain visibility in the industrial sector.


Internationalisation project, stagnant in its visibility for years, with a large catalogue and a substantial number of sites in production.

Steps taken

Development and execution of an internationalisation strategy in 12 portals.

Sending signals to the main search engines so that contents were correctly indexed by each country/language.

Before completing the architecture of the portals, a log study was completed (as it is such a large site, we had to make the most of the crawl budget), identifying the most valuable URLs.

Study of the internal links.

Identification of deficiencies in the catalogue by cross-checking analytical, business and technical data (logs).

Analysis of the similarity of content for products and key categories and curation of this content.


Resolution of the SEO cannibalisation between sites with the same shared language.

Correct indexing of content for each country/language (before the intervention, results were found regardless of the user’s location).

Improved user navigation and search engine tracking.

Increased number of visits, improving visibility and the conversion rate.

Cleanup of the catalogue: brands, products and URLs that weren’t useful to the user.

Enrichment of key categories with new structured data.

Thank you Miguel, Lorenzo and Alberto for all the support!