Case study YSI

Improve rankings by search terms for relevant operators and services:
3,400 words (300 on the first page) in less than a year.

Case study YSI


Positioning by generic and brand search terms

To exceed in brand search terms.

AGain visibility in the ecosystem of competitors/recommenders.


The main technical difficulty was positioning a portal developed ad hoc and entirely in JavaScript technology, mixing Node.js with frameworks for Vue and Nuxt, although we had the advantage of SSR (Server Side Rendering) which allowed us to make use of HTML resources from the server side.

Steps taken

The design of the web architecture or structure focused on the needs of the two main types of user: those who ask for information about a particular telecommunications provider and those looking for general information about services.

Creation of personalised content for every service and operator.

Creation of a strategy of “link building” to position the brand above all its competitors (there was already a brand with the same name).

Thank you Miguel, Lorenzo and Alberto for all the support!