Our DNA and a sign of our identity. SEO should be the strategic core of a project, in its branding plan, in its business vision. At LAIKA strategic SEO is what we do.


SEO changes every day. Change is development, evolution, metamorphosis, new problems and solutions: the natural state at LAIKA.


Strategic consultation involves taking a fresh approach towards the needs of our customers. This is the path towards the SEO of the future, which will be strategic or won’t exist at all.


We are a project created in the plural, a team that responds as one. We don’t understand SEO without having fun, without getting along well, without trust. LAIKA is the sum of all of us.


We identify with the projects we take on: they ignite our passion, they frustrate us, they enthuse us. At LAIKA, we are our clients..


Committed to equality and breaking stereotypes, we understand feminism is a fight that benefits everyone. LAIKA is feminist and proudly defends this identity.


Investigate, analyse, predict, design future scenarios … At LAIKA we are committed to generating our own strategic and business methodology, our own way of thinking.

The future

We see the future as a road, as effort, as recognition. We know that the future is built in the present and we want to design and build it.


The creative digital impulse is imprinted on our genetic makeup. Driven by technology, we bet on divergent and experimental thinking.