If there is one process that is critical to a web project, it’s migration. Our know-how allows us to tackle this difficult challenge with the maximum guarantee possible.

We have gained many years of experience working on large-scale projects which have a high risk of loss of visibility; this is what enables us to handle the migration process with guarantees and a proven success rate, whether we’re talking about change of domain, internalisation processes, division of a digital asset, or changes to site architecture.

Our process is defined in 5 key steps:

STEP 1. Review of the portal.

We audit and evaluate the project, concentrating on the detection of silos and landings with real value.

STEP 2. Validation of the new structure.

A personalised evaluation, focused on the needs of the project and client.

STEP 3. Mapping redirects.

Differentiating those with real value from those which are just disposable.

STEP 4. General review.

A comprehensive verification of all the phases and decisions in the process before the start of production.

STEP 5. Iteration

Iteration of the whole process within the production phase.