Case study El Corte Inglés

Increased content quality rating
by Google, with 67 results in position 0.

Case study El Corte Inglés


Capture informational traffic to create conversions.

Generate a new brand awareness in the youth market.

Achieve rich results and Voice Search.


The client asked us to create a blog and a content strategy with two clear objectives: 1) gain users searching generic terms to divert them to the website for tickets, and 2) change the perception of the ECI brand among a younger audience, showing that it’s a familiar brand.

Steps taken

Design and write a wide range of new content with the aim of providing value to users interested in culture, music and other lifestyle content.

Optimisation of web performance in its mobile version (FCP, CLS and LCP load times) in order to improve user load perception.


Increased rating of the content quality by the main search engine in Spain (Google), obtaining 67 results in position 0.

Thank you Angel, Carlos, and Nala for making the job easier and integrating into the team!